Flight Scheds is an extensive service to those in Naval flight training. We offer the ability for you to be instantly notified via text and email when new schedules are up as well as keeping track of your previous events. Study material for every aircraft platform is being made available, which will allow you to have an excellent knowledge base. Flight planning tools allow you to have a solid understanding of your area of flight before you even get into the air.
During your registration process you will choose a monthly subscription plan. We have since streamlined the choices to one choice at a reduced price to make things easier. You will be billed monthly from the day you sign up and can cancel at any time.
Operational costs (servers, databases, etc) are covered by charging a small monthly fee. Your subscription helps keep the lights on and allows for the addition of future features and development as well as full time support.
Currently Flight Scheds is a mobile web application, meaning it is designed to work on both desktop computers as well as mobile phones. There is currently a foundation in place to introduce dedicated mobile applications on the IOS and Android marketplaces at no cost in the very near future.
This site is under a continuous development phase. That means new features are always being seamlessly added and updated. Any blank pages you may see means that feature is currently being developed and tested and should be released in the very near future. Extensive testing is conducted before the updated features are pushed out to the public, this way you get a more polished product.
Yes, if you have something you want implemented that would make your life easier as well as those also in the program, please visit the contact page and get in touch.